Our Design & Management Approach


We adopt a collaborative approach working with the client, interested stakeholders and the building design teams to define a clear brief, which sets out the aims and objectives of the project and a programme and budget that is site-specific and realistic. Our approach is to achieve the best balance of quality, cost, function, efficiency, maintainability and project delivery.


Strategic Design

Early and close collaboration with the design team allows an overall design strategy to be developed and refined to reflect the whole building design and to add value.



We use design/coordination workshops to develop high-quality design proposals for inclusion in the employer’s requirements with collaborative input from designers, installers and maintainers.




Once design decisions have been made, we then consider selecting plant & equipment and the contractor procurement process.



We take a hands-on approach to the supervision and overseeing of the works with regular attendance at technical meetings with contractors.


Handover & Close Out

We implement a ‘zero-defects’ policy and agree on benchmark site installations and samples for quality to ensure the client gets the best possible project outcome. 


Approach to projects:

We continuously aim to improve the delivery of projects through the incorporation of lessons learned and the application of robust systems and process.


  • Maintain core team of resources.
  • Structure project team around project and client needs.
  • Supplement resources with selected skilled resources.
  • Focus on Project, Engineering and Construction Project Management (supported by sound engineering experience and qualifications).
  • Capital, Cost Saving and Business Improvement.



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