1. Planning Services: NGBR provides comprehensive planning services, assisting clients in developing and refining their construction and refurbishment projects. This includes project conceptualization, feasibility studies, and obtaining necessary permits and approvals.


2. Building Design: NGBR specializes in creating innovative and functional building designs. Their experienced team of architects and designers works closely with clients to develop customized designs that meet their unique requirements and reflect their personal style.


3. Interior Design: NGBR offers professional interior design services to transform spaces into stunning and functional environments. Our team combines creativity, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of client preferences to create captivating interiors that enhance comfort and aesthetics.


4. Space Planning: NGBR excels in space planning, optimizing the layout and functionality of interior spaces. We carefully analyze the available area and work closely with clients to determine the most efficient and effective use of space, ensuring a seamless flow and maximum utilization.


5. Electrical Design: NGBR's electrical design services cover the complete electrical system planning, including lighting, power distribution, and integration of smart technologies. We ensure compliance with safety standards and create electrical designs that enhance functionality, efficiency, and aesthetics.


6. Acoustic Consulting: NGBR offers acoustic consulting services to optimize sound quality and mitigate noise-related issues in buildings. Our experts provide solutions for noise control, soundproofing, and acoustic enhancement, creating comfortable and acoustically pleasing spaces.


7. Lighting Consulting: NGBR provides lighting consulting services to enhance the ambiance and functionality of spaces. We specialize in creating customized lighting designs, considering factors such as natural light integration, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.


8. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Consulting: NGBR prioritizes the health, safety, and environmental aspects of their projects. We offer HSE consulting services to ensure compliance with regulations and best practices, creating safe and sustainable environments for clients and occupants.


9. Cost Estimating: NGBR assists clients in accurately estimating project costs, providing transparent and detailed cost breakdowns. Our expertise in cost estimation helps clients make informed decisions and ensures projects stay within budget.


10. Engineering Design: NGBR's engineering design services encompass structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering. We collaborate with experienced engineers to develop robust and efficient designs that meet structural integrity requirements and optimize systems' performance.


11. Technical Due Diligence: NGBR conducts thorough technical due diligence assessments to evaluate the condition and suitability of existing buildings. Our experts analyze various technical aspects, identifying potential risks, and providing comprehensive reports to assist clients in making informed decisions.



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